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Standard Gulp Removal

Standard Gulp Removal

   To Remove the standard gulp undersink filter head please complete the following steps.
  • Turn off the water supply to the filter. To find the shut off follow the feed pipe back from the filter head to the mains connection.
  • Once the water feed to the filter is in the off position turn on the water filter tap on the sink and release excess water.
  • Run the water until it empties the filter and the flow stops. If the flow does not stop you have not completed stage 1. above!
  • Press the two release buttons on either side of the filter head and separate the bayonet style filter from the filter head.
  • Tubing is connected to both sides of the filter head using John Guest quick fit fittings.To remove the tubing from either side of the filter head please look at the attached video.
  • Watch out for small red retainer clips in the John Guest fittings which if present must be removed first.
  • Alternatively with the water now off to the filter and the filter removed you can cut back the filter pipes with a scissors.
Video John Guest fitting
Two screws hold your filter head in position and you may need to loosen them before you can lift off the filter head.
The loose pipework can now be cut back and made tidy.
The extra tap can be left on the kitchen sink for future filtration use or alternatively you can request a gromet to fill the hole left if you choose to remove the tap.
If you have any concerns please contact us on the web site home page.
      Important – The following advice is DIY and Gulp Ltd. take no responsibility for any consequential damage to property.