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Gulp Complete FAQ

Gulp Complete FAQ

Important- The following answers only apply to water filtration products serviced in accordance with manufacturers recommendations. Water quality depends on the source water and therefore no blanket guarantees are possible without tests being carried out on the water before and after treatment.


  • On what source water is the Gulp Complete most effective?

The Gulp Complete filter is suited to mains chlorinated water supplied by Irish Water. The Gulp Complete is not suited for wells or water which is not subject to prior treatment by Irish Water or a reputable water scheme. Water of a questionable source will  need to be tested and will require specific treatment to achieve an acceptable quality.

  • Does Gulp Complete remove Lead from the water?

The Gulp Complete filter contains KDF media for the reduction of lead, mercury,nickel, chromium and other dissolved metals. The level to which it reduces these metals will depend on the quality of the source water and the volume of water being used.

  • Does the Gulp Complete remove cryptosporidium?

The Gulp Complete filter has a sub 1 micron filter and is therefore  a barrier to cryptosporidium which are larger than 1 micron in size.

  • What water pressure is required for my Gulp Complete to work?

Ideally 40psi is required for the Gulp Complete to filter your water and fill a container in a reasonable time. Anything below 20 PSI is not practical and below 10 PSI is simply not workable.

Your water provider can help to ensure that you have adequate pressure in your home.

  • Do water filters remove limescale in water?

Another word for minerals in water is limescale. Depending on the type of water filtration you choose limescale may be removed from your water. Reverse osmosis is the only effective water filtration process for removing limescale other than water softening which is a whole house solution as opposed to filtration for drinking water.
Carbon filtration in the Gulp Complete focuses on tastes and odors removing chlorine from the water after it has done its job but before we drink it.

The Gulp Complete does not remove minerals from tap water.

  • Do water filters remove fluoride?

Of the Gulp range of filtration units ONLY Reverse Osmosis filtration is certified by the manufacturer to remove fluoride from the water.

The Gulp Complete does not remove fluoride from tap water.

  • How quickly can my Gulp Complete fill a glass or jug?

The Gulp Complete is designed to filter impurities from your water. The quality of your filtered water will depend on the the speed at which the water is filtered. Your system includes a flow restrictor to ensure that the Gulp Complete can do its job. Too fast and your water will not be filtered properly, too slow can be an annoyance.

Our preference is that your unit will produce one litre of water in forty seconds or one pint in twenty seconds however this very much depends on your water pressure and quality. It is worth the wait but from a practical point of view the filter should produce filtered water at no less than one litre per minute or no less than a pint of water in 30 seconds.

  • Is mains water of good quality?

Only 1% of water supplied to your home is used for drinking or cooking this makes it very difficult to treat all mains water to a high standard. It is however in most cases chlorinated to make it safe. We recommend filtering the 1% for drinking and cooking to the highest possible standard at the kitchen sink.

  • Can I use filtered water to make baby formula milk?

Water filtration improves the quality of your tap water by how much depends on the choice of water filter that you make. The benefits of filtering water for you are the same for your baby. Gulp Complete significantly improves the quality of your tap water however it is always recommended that you follow medical or baby food manufacturers guidelines.

  • What should I do if I go away on holiday?

All filters should have a shut off valve under the sink. It makes sense to turn this off if you are away on holiday.
When you return from holiday  let your unit run for one or two liters before you drink the water.

  • What do I do in the event of a leak from my filter?

In the unlikely event of a leak turn off the water to the system at the mains pipe, .Contact your nearest Gulp Service provider.
Note: Be aware that water pipes are colder than the air surrounding them and it is common that condensation can build up on pipes giving the impression of a leak.

  • Can I drink the filtered water if there is a boil notice or if the water provider says not to drink the water?

The Gulp Complete improves the quality of your water however if your water supplier tells you not to drink the water being supplied it would be unwise to go against that advice. The only sure way to know if you can go against advice not to drink tap water is to test your water continually. There is no other way of guaranteeing the quality of your water from the tap or the filter. Gulp Complete is designed for use on water which has been treated with chlorine.